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TVs donation!

Recently, the Goennerverein donated TV set’s for three cells at the Detention Center. The donation was gratefully received by the Officer in charge. In a short speech she explained the urgency of not losing contact with the outside world, especially for prisoners on remand. Most of those who have not yet been convicted are excluded from activities, which makes watching TV rather important.

Our project manager found no words for the expressions of joy coming from the three cells. It must have been overwhelming. As is well known, television sets in all cells were a project of Father Peter Meienberg. He was the actual initiator of the

Goennerverein by starting the project TV set’s installation. We are honored to continue to support this noble gesture.

Certainly, the friends of the Goennerverein make all this possible through donations. A hearty God bless you.

And thank you again.


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