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The Silent and the Restless
The unpolished and the educated
The inconspicuous and the whore

The commander and the servant
The innocent and the guilty
The mother
They're all trying to survive somehow
It's brutal and emotional..... Life in prison




This poem was written by a young woman who is still waiting to be tried for murder.
She spent eight years in custody until date!

Excuse me, do I know you?
Do you know me?
Yes, I do
You are the guy who crawls to break the dawn,
The one who hides at night beneath pitch darkness,
The one who creeps gently in the morning,
Fiercely in the mid-hour and sooningly in the evening.
You are the one who roasts my heads in the mid-afternoon,
The one who conspires with the sky to strikes me with thunder and lightning.
The one who tacks his rays and tucks under gray sky.

Eh! cut the crap,
Whining is a passionate poison,
Be grateful, without me you are nothing,
With my warm arms I muffle the universe,
I nourish your skin and give its colour,
I am the one who whispers gently through the horizon,
The one whose touch is a mark,
Whose breath is life
Whose smell spreads to the edges of the earth,
Whose rays pierce softly underneath the earth cores
The one whose enormous ears tickle from hearing
Whose rays run through the glossy sky
Yes! I am the sun, your bosom. 


Dear son

Being away from you is no pleasure

I know it hasn't been easy for you either

I love you and a I miss you beyond measure

How I wished that circumstances could be reversed

So I'd be by your side always

Forgive me for not being around as you grow

All your birthdays I've missed

How I wish there is a way I could make it up to you

Even though I've got your welfare covered through prayers

Please, let my past not plight your future

Study hard, be clever and do well at school

May your destiny be better than mine

May your life be filled with joy and laughter

May you lead a blessed and happy life

My dearest dream is that you be proud of me

So proud that you'll be moved to cry out


Just hold on a little bit longer

Very soon we shall be together again

With love always

Your Dear Mom

Image by Jason Blackeye

Yesterday is gone

Dedicated to all inmates at
Lang'ata Women Prison

Christmas 2018

As time goes by,
you may ask why,
some have left
while others are kept.

Don't waste time
Its not a crime
as there is a reason
to be in season.

Some don't fit in
Others just win
Enjoy any high five
you are alive

Time has no words
Is free like birds.
Memories do not matter
It's just chatter.

Time is a fixation
Not a duration.
Time is bound to go by
As you may ask why.

Peter Ochsner©

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