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Not like that – or – Exactly like that

Another rather unusual report with inspiring content from Kenya.


The world is in great turmoil. From the personal stresses of everyday life to local disagreements, international conflicts and the attempt to conquer the universe, reaches us in an informative and instantaneous manner around the clock.

Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident of how this unrest is man-made. We bring ourselves restless turmoil, we create a priori (from what is before) difficult living conditions, which a posteriori (from what is after) become unhealthy conditions. And as a final statement to the above, we as a unit are responsible for self-created anguish and uncertainty.


We had a woman in the Creative Writing class who gave birth and raised fourteen children. Her interest in writing was only poetry and her writing style was rather unusual. The gender I never appeared on paper. To implement her thoughts she used you, but with the expression of the plural.

You are born without an application.

You grow through thick and thin.

(She refers to her fellow inmates)


To what extent can the connection between turmoil and the imprisoned mother of fourteen children be explained? Never, neither in conversation nor in writing, did the rather large number of children appear to be unusual. This reality, although unusual, was accepted without remarks.

This procedure would also be appropriate for world development in general. Young people are already practicing this. They hesitate to cast politically oriented votes and, what's more, they ignore the news media, news created and expanded by the inhabitants of this world by their own initiative and unfortunately also spread intensively.


What I don't know doesn't make me hot, an ancient saying that could and should be used again, at least until the world is no longer in such extreme turmoil.





Dear friends,

we have resumed painting lessons. The cost for beginner courses for 10 women (12 lessons) is CHF 1,800


So, a lesson costs us CHF 150


Given the extremely positive effects of painting on reintegration, we would like to offer several painting classes in parallel. We warmly ask you for support.

Thank you



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