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Mercy before justice

Hello, dear friends of the Goennerverein

The annual Agricultural Show was recently held in Nairobi. At short notice, Eric, our music teacher, was given the task of providing entertainment there. A program was put together in a hurry and the women of the music class soon found themselves on stage.

Says Eric:

Music lives on the basis of cultural etiquette, so it's not just sound. There's a lot more in there. Especially postures and movements are an expression of codes, of mostly unconscious messages.

We borrow an enormous range of non-verbal communication from a variety of topics such as history, literature, religion and popular culture. This connection of real-time instances is expressed through body language of everyone involved in the visual room of music.

At this point we would like to express our thanks to Eric. He works with the women in prison under difficult conditions. We know he often has to start from the bottom again, but he does it tirelessly and with joy.

Then a wish. It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure the financial backing for our project in Nairobi. So please, please don't think about the past crimes, try to give us a second chance.


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