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Family Day 2023 – Langata Women’s Prison, Nairobi

Hello friends,


Yesterday the annual Family Day took place in the women's prison. The inmates are allowed to be with their loved ones for a whole day. Experience has shown that this is not only a culinary but also an emotional highlight in the lives of the captured women.

Our project manager wrote a report about the event.

Thomas Müller,


Family Day 2023 – Langata Women’s Prison, Nairobi


Yes, once again we were able to take part in Family Day as an organization. One needs to create a visual, which I would like to paint briefly.

About 200 inmates have permission to participate. First, speeches are given, visitors on one side, inmates on the other, contact not allowed. A few performances follow and you can feel the unrest of being separated growing. Finally the dividing reason is released. A horde of visitors rush over to the tent of the inmates, who have jumped up from their seats in anticipation. Endless hugs, mixed with tears, brings the anticipation to an end, a taste of freedom and minimal enjoyment takes over.


I was nearby during the security checks watching the arriving guests. A young boy in the waiting line gave the impression of a fighter, not a gamer, but more of an anti-poverty activist. He held a roll of toilet paper in one hand and a toothbrush in the other. He kept his arms stretched out wide during the body search, far away from the searcher's eyes. But he demanded the two valuables in order to check them. I noticed how the young man prevented the handover for a split second. But his eyes followed what was happening closely. The officer squeezed the toilet paper with his hand in search of something forbidden and finally allowed the boy to continue carrying both.

Later I was informed about the life story of the two of them. The older sister has been looking after the boy since he was born. She didn't manage to scrape together the school fees for the fourth primary grade, so she went for money and got caught. Another story, written by existance daily over and over again. I agree with the system, the theft must be punished - but not the brother. But that is exactly what the penal system promotes.


Following this perspective, I would like to ask you, dear friends, to think particularly about such follow-up phenomena. We are currently supporting Angela in Kangundo (I have mentioned her earlier) and a girl in Ivory Coast.


Peter Ochsner,

Project Manager


And there was something else, remarkable anyway. I didn't notice any withdrawal symptoms since the visitors spent the entire time without social media. A recognition that should stimulate consideration!


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