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Apparent Death

At present, the penal system is once again the subject of intense debate in connection with the judiciary. Whatever relevance is brought forward, the answer to the following question remains veiled.

Should someone who has been given the responsibility to carry out a criminal act be held accountable? For reasoning, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs are always cited. President Roosevelt decided and should have taken the ultimate responsibility. To question the responsibility of the pilots, however, leads us to grave errors of reasoning. The cruel murder of perhaps a hundred thousand of absolutely innocent people ought to awaken the sense of responsibility, since between the final decision maker and the executors were hordes of accomplices involved, pseudo-dead people who ignore ethical principles. The author, Karl May paraphrases apparent death in his book Am Jenseits as follows. However, scholars claim that in real suspended animation, consciousness and the receptivity of the senses are completely extinguished. They isolate in their thinking the effects of their complicity and allow this scramble, for what is right - what is wrong, to slowly kill social empathy. Pseudo-dead people who are complicit in injustice.

Opposite, a woman condemned to death. She stabbed her husband to death because he had repeatedly beaten her to hospital for years. The question is. Should someone who has been subjected to psychological and physical violence for years be held accountable for a resulting criminal act? Legislation allows murder for political reasons, as history teaches. Likewise, the existing human rights systems fail a brutal thug. We, who have been able to study these contexts on the ground for years, believe that justice should come from responsibility towards oneself and one's fellow human beings. When two people do the same thing, murder for example, it is the same thing.

Far be it from us to criticize the judiciary or the penal system. But injustice, as mentioned, is subject to humanitarian responsibility and it should involve every human being.


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